Omeka & OHMS viewer

I’m trying to upload an oral history from OHMS into Omeka. Both the OHMS Import and OHMS Viewer are installed. The .xml file is in my cachefiles on my Reclaim Hosting server. But, how do I get to the .xml file in order to upload it from within the Omeka OHMS Import plugin? Omeka won’t let me enter a specific URL, I’m supposed to “Choose File.” Is there something that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!!


Not sure if you were able to find any more information about this. Here is a similar post in the Omeka Forum:


Thank you. I’ve signed up for some OHMS training, so hoping that will help!

One thing that tripped me up was that I had neglected to zip the XML file prior to importing it. Once I did that, it worked fine (you also have to add a couple of fields within Omeka–listed in the installation instructions).

Yes – that’s what it was. I hadn’t zipped the file. Thanks!

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