Omeka-S 3.0 Upgrade

Hi, the latest upgrade is available on the web. The current version on Reclaim is 2.1.2 through the Installatron service.

Should I wait for Reclaim to update to the latest version (I have the “Update to any new version” set to automatic) or should I try to do it manually sooner.

I have a few small sites and no unique customization. I’d like to be on the newest version, but I also think it might be safer for me to wait. I’m the only admin for the site.

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Hi there,
This is a great question! We manage the application installer for Omeka S as it’s a custom installer and need some time to build the update. Once that’s done it will be pushed out to all servers and the application will update automatically within a couple of hours

You can always update the site manually as well, given you’re running small sites, the update shouldn’t take too long. But the process is totally up to you, most people tend to wait as the updates happen automatically.


Hello, I had the same quesiton

I have a Omeka-s , v2.1.2, installation on 1 site, hosted on Reclaim Hosting. Like rmckernan I noticed in theres been a new release with some new features.

Mfierro - glad to know v3 will be available via the application installer once youv had time to make it.

Iv tried to manually update but I get a 500 internal server error :frowning: - this was the case even when I removed modules and themes prior to update, as it seems that add-ons incompatible with new update cause problems. In post below timmmmyboy explained there were issues with last major upgrade. ‘Our installer only handles the update process for the core Omeka S application and does not manage your modules and themes.’

My plan is to turn off automatic updates until the v3 update is available in Installatron, and when it is available, make sure all modules are latest versions before updating. What do you think?

Hi WillP,
Great question! The post from Tim outlines the move to Omeka S 2.0. Any updates from here would not be affected by the process outlined, but it does walk through a proper process to update the site.

I think the plan to make sure all modules are on the latest version will definitely aid the update process and make sure your site is fully up-to-date. If you run into any issue we’ll be happy to take a look as well!

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