Omeka S install fails via Installatron

After backing up and cloning my Omeka classic install to a subdomain, I am attempting to install Omeka S. After a short attempt it fails, giving this error:

Any help is appreciated.

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Give the install a try now and it should work. We occasionally run into a server that doesn’t have a particular Apache module mod_env installed which is necessary for the .htaccess rules Omeka uses. I just got that fixed up on that server.

Perfect. Once again, you guys are magic. Cheers!

When I try installing Omeka S, the result is a 403 Forbidden Error.
I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks!

Hi mhp-- can you submit a ticket with your domain name please? This will help us get you squred away with the Omeka S installation.

I cant figure out how to submit a ticket - I’m using reclaim via NYU and the interface is different

Ah, I see. You’ll need to reach out to the folks that support the NYU Domain of One’s Own program in this case. If needed they’ll reach out to Reclaim Hosting directly.

Ok, thanks for your help!