Omeka/S on shared hosting


Do people run omeka/s installations on shared hosting accounts?

I am trying to put together a grant application for a digital archive with probably hundreds of items (images and text) with a reasonably interesting model and nice ammount of metadata. I know this is not very precise sizing information but it is all I’ve got.

I think omeka/s is available for one click installation but is that also for shared hosting?

I would be very interested to chat with someone who is doing this.


There are plenty of people running Omeka Classic and Omeka S on Shared Hosting, and there is a one-click installer for it on both our Shared Hosting service and Reclaim Cloud!

The main consideration on running stuff like this Shared Hosting is space, and traffic. Our Shared Hosting plans top out at 100GB of storage on the highest tier, and cPanel accounts can be limited on how well it can handle a large amount of traffic.

That being said, you can always start your project out on Shared Hosting, and migrate it to Reclaim Cloud later on if needed.

We run an Omeka S at

We are on Reclaim’s Domain of One’s Own plan, which means that we basically have our own shared hosting server for our institution.

My worry is space, and if the Omeka S instance grows too large, I will have to investigate using the Any Cloud Omeka S Module, which would allow me to keep the server footprint smaller by putting the media and files on S3, but this would add complexity to the setup and another bill/service to manage.

Reclaim has a direction set on how to use that offloader:

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Good point on S3 I forgot about that option, which is embarrassing because I wrote that article :sweat_smile:

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