Omeka S Question

In Omeka S, my Item List title does not match the updated and saved title in the Item Edit. Anyone encounter this issue?

Thank you,

What version Omeka S are you using? That may affect how confident I am in suggesting something.

But absent that info, I see you are using MODS for the metadata. Is it possible that a Dublin Core Title was created and Omeka is preferring the DC version? My understanding is that the vocabularies can run in parallel so in principle an Item could have a DC title and a MODS title.

@Douglas_Higgins I can replicate this with my own testing environment (4.0.1), even removing the DC resource template from the mix doesn’t seem to resolve. My guess is that Omeka S isn’t designed to display the title metadata field from any vocabulary not in the box in the item list (this is just a guess though). I’d recommend posting to the official Omeka forum or opening an issue in their GitHub.