Only 10 MB in WordPress?

Howdy! New guy here. I’m using WordPress, and I just noticed that within WP, I only have 10MB of storage space. But I signed up the 2GB package with Reclaim…so how can utilize more space in WordPress? Thanks!


Any chance you installed WordPress as a multisite? 10Mb is the default storage amount for a subsite in Multisite and the setting for that can be changed in the Network Admin area (See here How to Install and Setup WordPress Multisite Network)

Bingo! Fixed it. Thanks!

Excellent! It often trips folks up, at the very least I wish WordPress would make that setting a bit more prominent (and maybe a bit higher defaults given it’s 2018, haha). Reach out if you need anything else!

It seems I have the same problem and am limited to 10MB uplode capacity. I couldn’t find where I can change this setting. Do I have to change to multi-side or turn it off?


This is a setting in WordPress Multisite that can raised How to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress? - SiteGround KB

Thanks, I think I got it.
Another question, if I may.
Using the WordPress theme I chose, is it possible to incorporate a number of blogs with, lets say, a different theme each and link all of these to the homepage so that members of the network / site while being on the main website are able to access and use these different blog sites actively following the links to the blogs?
Or would I need to get a whole new package for each blog site?
Sorry for asking so much…

If I understand your question right, WordPress Multisite allows each site to run a different theme. As the super admin on the install only you can install themes (through the Network Admin area) and enable them in the Multisite and then any site can activate a particular theme. For CBOX-specific questions on how things are linked up in the network I would make sure to reach out in their support forums

This is fantastic and really beginning to be FUN :upside_down_face:
Thank you and I will probably be back with questions for you now and then until I got it all up and running…