Ontario Extend Domain Camp Week 2

It’s week 2 in Domain Camp, and this notice has just been added to the bulletin board.

This week campers will create subdomains and sites in directories, install WordPress into one or more of these, make subdomain redirects, and password protect a site


We have office hours this week at 4pm EST. And this forum is the best place for talking about camp.

Hi all,
So I am an extreme newbie to this website stuff. :confounded: I think I have added two sub domains but when I open the main domain page or home page, I am unable to access the sub domains. Any suggestions on how I can create a link from the home page to the sub domains?
I am sure it is something easy that I am just missing.


That’s really good progress for a newbie! Let’s see a link for some of the thingd you are making.

You are not missing anything.

So here is the thing, all of the subdomains, sites you create are completely independent of each other. The simple landing page you installed do not provide the functionality to link to your other sites without doing some manual HTML editing. Or depending which landing page you used, you might be able to put in the addresses for a subdomain in place of where the template provides links to social media.

The first landing page you created is really just a placeholder, it is not very useful. In this week’s activity, we show you how to put more versatile landing pages in that will make it easier to connect to your other sites.

Good morning cogdog,
I was just looking at week 3. For some reason I am not able to log in as admin? I cant find the black bar that indicated I should see.
I keep getting lost on where to go for control panel, admin, sub domains etc. Any suggestions on how to keep it straight would be much appreciated. :grin:

It is a lot to manage, just through practice it ought to become a little more direct. When you say “log in as admin” I am guessing you mean to log into a WordPress site. Generally, the easiest way is via the steps below, using the cpanel route.

But if you keep track of your login passwords, you can always get to the login screen for a wordpress site by tacking /admin after the address of your site like, a blog at http://thoughts.extendlabs.ca/ you find your way to login via http://thoughts.extendlabs.ca/admin

Here is the general route for working in your domain

  1. Everything starts with your cpanel. So log in to your Reclaim Hosting account, via Client Area - Reclaim Hosting
  2. Click the cpanel link on the menubar.
  3. cpanel has groups of items, you can re-arrange them by clicking and dragging the blue title bars, and click the - sign to roll up ones you may nt use. I like keeping near the top Applications, Files, Domains.
  4. For access to apps you have installed (so far we have just done WordPress), in the Applications group click My Apps. Overtime you may have a list of them. The second link under each (ends in /wp-admin) will log you into WordPress for that site

  1. Settings for subdomains are in the Domains group, though once you set them up, there is little reason to return

Hope that helps! Keep asking questions here.

Got it.