Ontario Extend Domain Camp Week 3 (and beyond)

We are pleased seeing people find their way through Domain Camp, many going at their own pace. Recognizing this, Camp Management has decided to publish all remaining activities, so you can do them when you can:


We have 2 more sessions on Domains, plus 3 followup ones with more details on WordPress.

For Week 3, you can now replace that not so useful calling card site for a more versatile and easily editable WordPress powered one. You can also try installing these odd things called “SPLOTs”, learn how to create email forwarding addresses, and set up sites to run under SSL (which Google seems to be forcing us)


See the video announcements (someone clicked the wrong button, so 2 segments)

I am going to be somewhat off duty July 1 (vacation and other things), but will try to listen in here, and hopefully back in action soon. So help each other along!