Open Source Canvas

I just paid 13k for hosted Canvas (well that was asking price I got 4k knocked off the 9k installation fee and it is 5k reoccuring a year.

What about the Open source version of Canvas in Reclaim Cloud? Not sure how resource intensive pricing would work out and if they would be similar but I host all video in Vimeo

I tried the install process once, I’ll just give fair warning, it’s beastly. The open source version of Canvas in addition to not having all of the features of hosted, expects not just a single server or cloud environment but multiple different servers all functioning in harmony together. It seems a great use case for a Docker compose type setup but I have yet to see something that isn’t a crash and burn bad experience waiting to happen. I think it’s only cost effective if someone doesn’t price in labor, most schools that run the open source version are doing it for control rather than to save money I would think.

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