Owncloud client connection issues

I have installed Owncloud in a subdomain and everything is fine through the web interface. However, I can not connect via webdav (regardless of the client) or carddav or any other OC service. What am I not seeing here?

Are you using the Owncloud desktop application or attempting to connect some other way? This question may be better suited for the owncloud forums but if you send some more info on how you’re connecting we might be able to figure it out (I don’t personally use owncloud but I know several folks that do)

I have tried the OC client and Mate’s own webdav protocol but it always rejects my (correct) login details hence I think the problem is with the server

You’ll want to submit a support ticket then with your login details for the ownCloud instance and we can troubleshoot and see what’s up.

To update this thread for historical purposes this ended up being resolved by upgrading to Nextcloud 11.01.

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