Persistent Object Cache

Site Health on my Wordpress sites keeps telling me I should use a persistent object cache. When I look at the documentation it looks like a bit of a faff. Am I okay to just use something like WP Super Cache? None of my sites are high traffic. Would appreciate any thoughts or experience that anyone else has about this.

Yeah, I really don’t think that is necessary if you don’t have performance or traffic concerns. You can safely ignore that suggestion, wonder if they are pushing you to Jetpack which does some of that media CDN caching stuff, but it can be a heavy plugin for sure. WP Super Cache is more than enough, and maybe not even necessary if you don’t have load or traffic issues.

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Thank you for the prompt response. That is what I was thinking but I thought it best to ask. No mention of Jetpack on this occasion which did surprise me. Always try to avoid plugin bloat and tracking so I’ll stick with WPSC.

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