Pointing Image Server to IIIF Files

I’m trying to use the IIIF Toolkit plugin with Omeka Classic so I can use Mirador to show and annotate content. The plugin is installed but I haven’t been able to figure out how to successfully import manifests. I followed these instructions to locally install Cantaloupe image server on my laptop, but I’m not sure how to point my image server to the files/original directory of my Omeka instance (per the instructions of the Toolkit developer). Is there a way I can specify the location of this directory through a URL?

I’d suggest posting at https://forum.omeka.org/ as you’ll likely find folks with more expertise on that setup since it’s not a common one on Reclaim Hosting.

I guess my question is maybe more about cPanel. Is there a way to make those directories publically viewable, sort of like a sitemap or index?

I think the files themselves already are since a file has to have a URL and be available in order for Omeka to show it on a page. The directories are probably being blocked by Omeka from being publicly indexed (the server wouldn’t play a role in that). Might be something you could modify there.