Possible to deploy Mastodon instance on a Reclaim domain?

Has anyone messed around with Mastodon? I don’t see it in Installatron, but has anyone experimented with putting it on Reclaim domain another way? It’s possible, right? Advisable?

More importantly, has anyone used it and found it valuable/interesting?

It’s definitely not compatible with a cPanel-based hosting environment, it has a whole host of requirements and complexity. Bryan Alexander has a good introductory post at Exploring Mastodon | Bryan Alexander. I personally don’t use it (but then again I use Twitter very little and it feels like a clone of Twitter with even less engagement).

I know they are using Mastadon as part of the Open Source Stack used at OERu. It’s touched on in this talk Wayne Mackintosh gave to staff here at CSU - Open Educational Resources (OER) University: Making Education Accessible for All - YouTube (jump to graphic about their open stack). I’m curious at an institutional install too - wondering about how it would work in regards to communications within the institution here. Replicating twitter like features would put it at quite a different field than slack or yammer installs - so am curious if it would assist in communications and the shortfalls some of these other platforms have.

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I’ve written up some info about how we’re running it at the OERu: Installing Mastodon with Docker-Compose on Ubuntu 16.04 | OERu Technology Blog

You can try it on mastodon.oeru.org if you like. It’s an impressive app. Wow.

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You can get paid shared hosting of Mastodon for $5.00, you can also install ActivityPub plugins to your site and make it an instance on the fediverse. I do that on WordPress, Known, and micro.blog.