PressEd 2020 Conference - WordPress in Education

PressEd 2020 Conference
Call for Submissions

PressED is a Twitter conference looking into how WordPress is used in teaching, pedagogy and research. At PressEd, each presenter has a 15-minute slot in which to present 10 to 15 tweets. You can include images, media and links in your tweets. Our aim is to give everyone an opportunity to present work they’ve done using WordPress. This will hopefully enable individuals or teams to highlight the opportunities it’s brought to their practice, the lessons they’ve learned, and the wider applicability of their adoption and utilisation of WordPress.

Sessions are open to people and teams anywhere in the world – you are welcome to tweet in any language you wish – provided the topic relates to using WordPress in teaching, pedagogy and research. PressED invites and welcomes submissions from absolutely anyone, especially from people who may feel excluded or under-represented at conferences or in their professional life. We welcome sessions from people who have never presented at conferences before, from students, as well as academic staff. We aim to follow a progressive stack-like (Progressive stack - Wikipedia) approach when reviewing submissions.

To submit your idea/presentation abstract (in 280 characters –just like a tweet), please visit .

Please take a look at

to get a feel for the sort of work we can feature at PressED. If you’re nervous or would appreciate support in any way, please don’t
hesitate to email We can also help people who may not have Twitter accounts or experience of Twitter tweet during the conference.

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