Prevent users from changing Do Not Automatically Update

Is there any way to prevent the users turn off the “Automatic Update” (plugin, minor version, updates) in WPress? I looked at the WHM and could not find it.

Yep, in WHM under Installatron Admin Interface if you go to Features these checkboxes control what options users have so you can set the defaults but also select whether they have the ability change them.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your quick response and thank you for point to the right place. This is very flexible. I also would like to have the same option control flexibility for the Plug-In and it doesn’t seem to be there. There must be a reason not to have this. I am new to WP and may be you can help me to understand this reason.

Hi Toai,

Installatron is a third party tool we install and run on our servers. We don’t control what features are available given we didn’t develop it so it may be worth reaching out to them with such a request.

Thank you, Tim. I am good for now. Cheers, Toai.

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