Problem with Full Width page template in WP Lovecraft theme

Hi folks, throwing this out there in case anyone has ideas. We have a user who has been using the Lovecraft theme for course websites, and for some reason, in a course she is currently building, when she uses the full width page template, the content on the page gets duplicated … for example, I haven’t been able yet to figure out what’s going on. Lovecraft is our default theme for new WP installs, and we haven’t run into this problem before. Thanks, Mo

Couldn’t duplicate in testing on my end. I tried classic and block editor. Same version of Lovecraft.

Looks kind of like there’s a content filter that is re-applying the main content outside of the proper divs. Any plugins on? If so, I’d try turning them off and see.

I can help you look at this a little further, but will need more information about the account etc.

I’ll shoot you an email!

Thanks for checking it out, Tom. We’ve tried deactivating the plugins and reactivating one by one, but that didn’t resolve it. Same issue in either editor. We also tried rolling back to an earlier version of WP, with no luck.

The same user has a similar site from fall 21,, which uses the same version of Lovecraft (2.0.1), the same version of WP (5.8.3), and the same plugin set … and uses full width page template with no problem.

Thanks Taylor, and welcome aboard the Reclaim Express!

Wow, kudos to Taylor … he nailed it right away. Switched the site to a different theme, deleted Lovecraft, then reinstalled Lovecraft, reactivated it, and switched back to it. Problem solved! Wonder how the original themes file got corrupted?


That’s some good detective work. Always a good recourse with themes is to switch to a default and back (or replace and back). There are sometimes things in themes that get triggered on enabling it.

It’s hard to say without seeing, but it’s not necessarily a corrupt theme file as much as maybe an update where the theme developer switched the methods of using template “parts”… many themes rely on a series of template files called as “includes” rather than being all generated from a single .php template.

I’ve seen a few sites too that go wonky because during an update the .htaccess file gets zapped.

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