Reclaim hosted site blocked in Russia, is there anything I can do?

I’ve a Reclaim hosted WordPress site - all is running smoothly but a subscriber has let me know the IP for the site is blocked in Russia

CRITICAL: Resolved IP is in Russian black list register
ip is blocked
Blocker: Генпрокуратура

As this is a site on a shared server I’m guessing any pleading to Генпрокуратура is going to get nowhere. The community aware of any other solutions?

Is Генпрокуратура an ISP and blocking it? If so I would tell them to use Tor or a VPN. An ISP doing their own blacklisting of sites seems super sketch, but maybe that’s more common in that country.

It’s the Russian prosecutor general. No idea why they would have a blacklist like this and why this site would be on it.

I guess they do it a lot … more here.