Reclaim Merchandise- Limited Time Only!

Hey all- I’ve got some exciting news this morning! In celebration of Reclaim Hosting completely rebranding (and just being awesome in general), we’ve decided to sell t-shirts. A new look, you say?? Yes. Check it out: How cool, right? I can’t get over how awesome everything looks. To get a bigger sense of the analogies at…

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Is there any plans for using any more of Bryan’s artwork in the form of merchandise?

We’ve been working regularly with Bryan to have artwork done for various areas of our website which were in need of a facelift. I’d be curious to know what kind of merchandise you might want to see? Alternative T-shirt designs, or different stuff entirely?

Really just disappointed that I missed out last time.

Although we originally opened orders for a short period of time we did have a few extra and put those up at (just in case you weren’t aware).

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