Recommendations for (simple to use) Podcasting app?

I am hoping to have a simple (to use) podcast where I can record pieces of lessons that are problematic and potentially have student guests for Q/A. Is there a domain app/plugin that is simple to use? What are you using?

As often it goes, the answer starts with “it depends…” There are services/apps that let you record and publish quick and easy, e,g, and (disclaimer, have never used). The downside is some limits on storage, and also relying on a company to keep your content alive.

If you have a means to record your audio, and save as MP3 (e.g. use the Open Source Audacity software), you can upload audio to your wordpress site (like audio), and create each episode as a post. If you put them into a category, then the RSS Feed for thar category becomes your RSS Feed.

There are wordpress plugins to help you set things up to, e.g. Seriously Simple Podcasting: Top Rated WordPress Podcast Plugin

Another option is to maybe contact Terry Greene and ask how to get a show in the service he uses,

There are many routes…

Least Complex Approach:

I used Seriously Simple Podcasting – WordPress plugin | for my podcast on has a $10 a month podcast plan that will just work.

If your students are not going to subscribe to a feed who cares if it is a podcast or just an audio file you upload to your site.

A more complex approach:

Currently, I am hosting my podcast on and then publishing them on my own site using html: 2toPonder (to generate the RSS feed I use a tool called

You can also host audio podcasts and generate an RSS feed on the Known blogging platform but if you want people to find the podcast the RSS feed will not pass validators.

In addition to all the other great recommendations, and in part to expose the idea, if you want to go really low tech, there are a variety of phone apps that will record audio in .mp3 format. If you give it a flexible enough license, you can host your audio with notes and other meta data for free on (OER podcasting anyone?)

Then to quickly generate a subscribe-able podcast feed, create a free account (using the class name perhaps?) and use Huffduffer’s browser bookmarklet to save your posts to your account. Huffduffer can provide podcast feeds out of individual user accounts, collectives, and even by tags, so you’ve got a lot of flexibility in how you and students can subscribe to content there. As an example you can subscribe to a “community podcast” for the tag A Domain of One’s Own.

If you create a custom/unique tag for the class, students can record and tag their own content to create an audio conversation back and forth if desired.

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This is ingenius! Fast, cheap and out of control meet small pieces loosely joined again