Recommended hosting for buddypress and bbpress

I’m planning the setup for a wordpress site that will include a member community and a forum. Originally I wanted to use discourse for the forum, but bbpress/buddypress will allow better integration with the rest of the site (blog, comments, user accounts).

I’ve been reading about buddypress and site performance. While several factors can affect site performance (compatible and lightweight theme, caching, disabling unused features, blocking bots, etc.) it does seem like buddypress brings its own performance issues. In the site I’m planning, the number of concurrently logged in members will be low at first. But if the project is successful, the community will grow and and the number of simultaneous users will grow as well. I’ve read that it’s smart to start off with a hosting solution that can be modified/grow as the community activity grows.

I’d like to use Reclaim. Which Reclaim solution will be the best fit for this scenario?

This is a great and rather timely question! In the past our recommendation would have been a private server through our managed hosting services, but the expense of it as well as having to pay for a large amount of resources when you might be starting small and want to scale doesn’t make it a great fit.

We have a new service in beta right now but very close to commercial launch called Reclaim Cloud which lets you start small with a container-based instance of WordPress but you can assign it resources that scale and grow as you need and you only pay for actual resource usage. The interface even has a one-click installer section similar to Installatron that makes it easy to get started. Check out our Cloud forum section for more discussions and the Guides area in particular for some good getting started information as it is very different from cPanel, but very powerful!

Wow, this does seem timely!
Thanks! I’ll head over to the guides and forum.

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