Representing data

I created a spreadsheet documenting my blog roll. What would be the best way to present this? Wonder if there is a way I could embed it so people could actually engage with it? Aaron Davis' Blogroll - Google Drive

Embedding is definitely possible in WordPress (and I’d think other content management systems that support iframe embeds) Google Docs – Support

Something tells me @bionicteaching would have a fancy way of using their API to represent the data in that spreadsheet in different ways though (Tom, I think you showed me and wonder if that could make it easy to play with this). Using Google Spreadsheets as a data source for things is something I want to play around more with.

I do miss the blog roll!

A large number of ways to play with that for sure.

I use Google spreadsheets JSON option all the time. I’ve also played a bit with the publish as CSV option.

I’m traveling tomorrow but let me know what kind of interaction/display you might want and I’ll throw up a demo based on that in the next couple of days. It’s really close to this example if you want to get started on your own.

Can I be honest, I am not sure I have a clue. I originally started the blog list as a reflection on my consumption, especially after reading Watters presentations on Gender. I am intrigued though by the idea of representing these as cards like your book reviews. Clearly this has not been done in WordPress?

That example was done in Angular. I’ll try to figure out a decent way to mesh it more seamlessly with WordPress.

Might just need to do a bit more reading into Angular. Is TimelineJS made using Angular?

I believe Timeline JS is vanilla javascript (rather than a particular framework) but I could be wrong. Same principles at work though in terms of repeated parsing/display of JSON from a Google SS.

A bit later than I’d hoped but getting around to this. You mind if I flip your data into a Google Sheet? The public XLS stuff doesn’t do most of the tricks we’d need to make this easy.

I thought it already was in a Sheet? I opened a OPML in Excel then uploaded to Sheets. You do what you need to do.

Google Drive has some special possibilities (JSON in this case) with native Google files and this is one case where it matters a bit.

I’m still working on this so that it’s more generically applicable, has a more infographic feel, and I have yet to apply any real styles to it but given the long time since the initial offer . . . here’s a rough example with your data.

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Thank you. Definitely different than scrolling through a Sheet. Only on my phone at present, will have to look on a full screen.

Desktop will be better for sure. I have some stuff to work in but I’m hoping to build it out so you can analyze your blog roll in a variety of ways and interact with it.

Sure is. Love how I can turn parts on and off. Wondering how I can reduce the titles to one line so that i don’t need to scroll each card, other than that I think it has heaps of potential. Imagine if you were a school that had blogs across the board, you could create something like this to be able to quickly organise them. Thank you for tinkering.

Made the cards a bit wider and set the gender stuff to re-count based on the category selected. I’m going to be playing around a bit more with the layout and maybe some dataviz elements. After that I’m going to do one for me.

It looks really good @bionicteaching wondering how difficult it would be to build in my own space? Is it feasible for you the commoner?

If you just cut/paste the source code, I think it’ll all go over. There might be a relative URL or two fix.

It’s javascript/jquery stuff. Not as friendly as I’d like but layout is bootstrap so that part is common/easy enough.

Right now it’s written so the URL grabs the doc ID to populate it (so other people could copy the ss frame and fill in their own data).

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