RSS feed plugins in Wordpress not working for Reclaim feeds

I am trying to aggregate feeds my students’ wordpress blogs into a course blog. I’ve done this before (in academic year 2015-16). But this semester, none of the plugins I’ve tried can pull the feeds from my students’ Reclaim sites. Currently I’ve got FeedWordpress and CyberSyn installed. Neither works. I’m getting time out errors, so I tried increasing the time before timeout to 60 seconds or 120 seconds. Still nothing. I’ve also changed themes. I’ve tried to add 10 sites, and they are all timing out in FeedWordPress and simply unable to add in CyberSyn (the WP backend spins and spins when I try to add a feed in the CyberSyn interface). I’m wondering if there is something going on with Reclaim? I’ve read this entry on the forum: WordPress 4.7 and FeedWordPress - #9 by timmmmyboy. But I’m having trouble using other RSS plugins also.

I’d appreciate any solutions or alternatives. Many thanks.

Hi Carrie,

If you point me to your site I can take a look and then report the problem back here in the event anyone else has an issue. Also, if they are not in FWP, sharing an example URL that is not working would be great.


Hi, Jim, thanks. My site is actually not a reclaim site (sorry! I’ve been meaning to migrate), but my students’ sites are. I can’t imagine that my server is the problem (it’s Bluehost w/a wordpress install), but who knows.

At any rate, the aggregating site is Index of /blog

Some feeds I’m trying to pull in are:

Thanks again!


Let me know if it works now. We use a distributed firewall that blocks servers that have had traffic in the past that was malicious in activity. I’ve definitely seen the case where Bluehost servers get snagged there and that was the case with the server you’re on. I unblocked and whitelisted it so your site should be able to communicate with sites on our servers now.


Thanks Tim, I <3 you!


Fabulous. It’s working. Thanks!!

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