Running Etherdraw?

Has anyone tried running Etherdraw on Reclaim? Collaborative shared digital whiteboards GitHub - JohnMcLear/draw: A real time collaborative drawing tool using nodejs, & paper.js

cPanel doesn’t natively support Node.JS, but I’ve hinted at our support of it using CloudLinux on Twitter and will be announcing that soon. With some testing I was able to get it up in a dev account running natively in a basic Reclaim account without weird ports or anything.

Dude. That’s awesome. Have I mentioned how good it is to be back on Reclaim?

And we’re live with that support:


I meant to follow up - I wound up building a super-lightweight digital whiteboard app using LiterallyCanvas. It’s simple javascript with some supporting PHP to manage saves/templates/cloning. I’ll package my wrapper up once I’m sure it works reliably. It’s running how at (running as a domain on Reclaim, of course)

That’s awesome, I had read your blog post but didn’t realize you were running it on your own account (should have know). Very cool! The drawing tools with LiterallyCanvas look a lot more elegant than Etherdraw as well.