Setting defaults for PHP 8.0

I decided to play with PHP 8.0 on my site, just to see if it worked.

Predictably, it bricked my site immediately. I thought it was going to be an incompatible plugin, but going to the Wordpress logs, it was a memory limit error. I was able to correct in my php.ini

When I made that change however, I noticed that the default values for PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 were pretty different.

PHP 7.4 defaults
memory_limit 196M
post_max_size 150M
upload_max_filesize 150M

PHP 8.0 defaults
memory_limit 32M
post_max_size 8M
upload_max_filesize 2M

Can we set the defaults for PHP 8 anywhere so the average user doesn’t have to change their php ini for running wordpress?

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Let me ask infrastructure about this, thanks for the heads up. Will follow-up here once I know more.


These PHP INI settings being adjusted is something that should have already been done as part of pushing out PHP 8 to all servers, but that doesn’t seem to have been the case here. I’ve run an ansible command to push out the default settings to all servers that don’t have them already, so the settings should now be updated.

You can also use the MultiPHP INI Editor to edit the server-level PHP INI as well.


Thanks Chris,

I just checked MultiPHP INI Editor from WHM and your changes were pushed to our server. So it looks like we are all set.


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