Share Your WordPress Stuff at PressEdConf 2022 (no slides, no zoom, all tweets)

The 2022 PressED Conference is a WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference on Twitter taking place March 24, 2022.

Do you put WordPress to use in any of your Reclaim hosted efforts ? Here is an opportunity to share your work in a unique format where all “presentations” are done as a series of scheduled tweets in a 15 minute window.

PressED is a conference (#pressedconf22) looking into how WordPress is used in teaching, pedagogy and research. The conference happens solely on twitter. Check out #pressedconf18, #pressedconf19 or #pressEdConf20 to see how a twitter conference works

It’s a refreshingly different format for presenters and participants. Submissions are open through March 18. These conferences are powered and organized by Pat Lockley, a tireless creative force in the WordPress education space. Pat says they are low on submissions, so please get the word out to your WordPress educators.

I have participated and/or presented every year, so ask me any questions about how it works.

Okay, Shirley, submit something here.


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