Sharing documentation

I am looking at rewriting the documentation for OU Create in a format that is more shareable than our current WP site. We’ve already shared this documentation with several other schools, but I’d like to make it easier to push, fork, and adapt. Is there any preference from others as to whether we rebuild in Grav, Hugo, Jekyll, or something else?

Right now I’m leaning towards using the Learn theme in Grav or Hugo, but if that type of site isn’t of interest for others, it defeats the purpose.

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Many moons ago back when I was at UMW me and Mike Caulfield were trying this with a combination of Dokuwiki and Git. Never seemed to work great but the tool landscape particularly with regards to Git integration is a bit more broad now. At one point early on Reclaim had some documentation on Github and pulled into a Grav site (I think we were actually using the Learn theme at the time as well). Our challenge there was as the documentation site grew the format became a bit unwieldy (and it was fairly complex to onboard someone to writing for that environment). A big challenge with the sharing I hear from others is that a fork becomes permanent because modifications to screenshots, branding, etc make it harder to continue to get things upstream but some of that may be a technical hurdle. I’m game to play with whatever, it’s still a dream to make this stuff more collaborative and I’d love to be involved in whatever way makes sense. I know @paulhibbitts has done a lot integrating Git with Grav for course-based stuff. Additionally the Hax stuff seems relevant given it is also flat file.

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Hi @John_Stewart, if you have any specific questions re: Grav and/or the Learn2 theme please feel free to contact me (here or in the Grav Discord room Grav Discord Chat | Grav CMS. I use a modified version of Learn2 with Git Sync for my own docs too at