Sneak Peek of a New Grav CMS Package - Open Presentation Hub

Hello fellow Reclaimers,

If you are interested in using Markdown for creating slides and having your slide content seamlessly sync to a public Git (i.e. GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, etc.) repository you might be interested in the upcoming Grav Open Presentation Hub package! It’s a very effective way to support the 5Rs of OER for slides, rather than textbooks (which seem to get all the :heart: these days).

Early adopters (and just plain brave folks!) can download a ready-to-run ZIP file, upload it to a directory using cPanel onto your Reclaim server, expand the ZIP, and then visit that folder with your Web Browser to create your Admin account and then explore your newly installed Presentation Hub. You can also visit the Grav Open Presentation Hub GitHub repository to learn a bit more about the project.

BTW, everything that you see in the Presentation Hub is also available in the Open Course Hub package … in case you were wondering.

Questions or feedback? Please feel free to post it here!

No questions just thanks for all the grav sharing. It’s percolating ideas for a new project and get me into doing something new.

Awesome to hear @cogdog🙂Always happy to connect when helpful.