Support for Pressbooks?

Will an individual 2GB account support an installation of Pressbooks? My college sys admin and I are very familiar with installing this WordPress derivative and its dependencies on our server, but I need to know if we can do the same on your platform.

Requirements – see

  • PHP 7.0 and WordPress 4.9.2
  • multisite install, modify wp-config.php and .htaccess
  • install dependencies: PrinceXML, KindleGen 2.9, EpubCheck 4.0, xmllint 20800

The main requirements to run Pressbooks in a WordPress environment with us will work but we do not install any of the server-side dependencies necessary for various export types. We don’t currently have plans to install those dependencies on shared hosting but may offer alternative products like a VPS offering that could support it in the future.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Your answer makes sense.

To shamelessly resurrect this zombie thread: what are the current set of options, if any, for an individual account user to gain access to Pressbooks installation via Reclaim? Or upgrade path for same? Thanks!

The previous answer on this topic is still accurate in that there are server dependencies that make running Pressbooks on shared hosting problematic, however one change is that we do offer it now as a separate product that can be purchase Pressbooks – Reclaim Hosting. Accounts running through this are on a server that is specifically setup for Pressbooks and only that so there is no upgrade path from shared hosting, rather it is a standalone option.

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Thanks! Just to clarify, are you saying that this method is no longer supported for shared hosting? (I ask mainly because I have an old Pressbooks/HP5/ install here from several years ago that is a bit broken and I wanted to experiment with Pressbooks again.)

Oh no it definitely works, at the end of the day Pressbooks is a WP Multisite with a plugin and themes to support a modified environment and all that works in shared hosting. It’s just that in order to export to different formats they require a lot of server-side dependencies that we can’t support so we won’t be building an installer that runs on our shared hosting system.

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Right on, understood. I have a site working here from a while back but it became increasingly borked over time. I thought I might start over. Export to Kindle, etc. I can live without. Chapter 1 | Frankenstein