Terminate account

I am testing account termination feature in WHM. Here are my steps:
Have the user go to my Dooo’s dashboard link.
Redirect the user to my SSO
Ask the user to pick a domain
It then will take the user to his c-panel dashboard.
Everything works perfectly.
I then terminate his account in WHM. Everything works perfectly. User’s cpanel is gone.
I then ask the user go to the Dashboard again. Hoping that he will go to the same process again. However, it doesn’t happen the same way. Here is what happened:
Uuser go to Dashboard
Redirect the user to SSO
Take the user to the c-panel login (orange color)

It seems that i need to do extra steps to really terminate the user. Do you have any suggestion on how to really clean up the termination account process?


I just found this link … not sure it will help … i will test this out.

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Validated the steps. Removing the account in whmcs does solve my issue.

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Great detective work here, Toai! Happy you were able to get this sorted. Usually the “terminate” module command is enough in instances where you want to delete the account but keep the record of the account. In instances where the user wants a fresh slate, terminating the cPanel and then deleting the full product in WHMCS will do the trick. :slight_smile: