Thanks to Reclaim!

Because I miss hanging out with my digital #ds106 people (entirely my fault), and I saw my monthly payment to Reclaim Hosting clear and wanted to say thanks for being awesome. You guys have helped #michED become one of the most popular state-level Twitter Chats in the United States. According to analytics from an MSU PhD candidates study, we’re #4 in the nation :slight_smile:


I’m sure our role in the popularity of that is miniscule at best, you’ve done amazing things to promote that project and the care and attention shows! Now when am I going to lure you away from Dreamhost :wink: The water is mighty fine here Ben. Haha

That deserves a GIF:


The role of Reclaim has been anything but minuscule! You gave us a reliable and inexpensive home to start the movement, and have continued to offer rock solid support!

While I’m not quite ready to leave Dreamhost with my main blog, I do look forward to starting future projects here :slight_smile:

Nice GIF, Groom! I tried to post one, but failed…I am no longer strong with the fu.