The Extenders Are Crashing the Record Store on Monday

On August 14 a group of 30 new domain owners from Northern Ontario are coming on board as part of the eCampus Ontario Extend project.

This is going to be a brand new experience for them, but by August 16 we plan for them to have created a simple landing page with Site Publisher, installed a Wordpress blog on a subdomain, and have a good start on their blogging practice. We have a site with the workshop materials as well as an aggregator we will be using to syndicate in their blogs.

We are hoping they feel comfortable using this area as a community space and to ask (and answer) questions.

So if you are an Extender, say hello, and ask question! Helpful people are standing by.

We are eager to see our Extenders make this an active community.

Can we talk about syndicated blogs? When my students post from a blog it would be awesome if it showed up on the course website.

Yep, that can be added to the mix. I have a five part series on setting up a syndication hub with Feed Wordpress

And I could roll that into a series of activities for folks to go through n August.

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