The Why Domains for Students?

This is a lazyweb ask… I am making a case to the 5 masters students I am advising to get their own domains for both blogging, publishing their digital projects, and establishing their presence. They so readily go to using or Wix for projects because “it’s easy”.

Are there any guides, videos, etc aimed at making the case of Why Domains particularly aimed at students? Not the technical, the conceptual?

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Here’s what I told students when I required it:

None of them balked. OTOH, a year later, it seems than none of them (maybe one?) still maintain their site. I still think it’s something that it makes sense to require students to do.

Part of my angle was about empowerment. Got a tech guy who says that it’s “impossible” to install Moodle, WordPress, or whatever else? Being able to say, “Uh, well, I did it and it took me less than an hour. Why are we paying you again?” is a pretty good comback.

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