Transferring in a Domain Using WHMCS

I was asked recently to demonstrate how folks who manage their Domain of One’s Own package can transfer in a domain using an EPP code. This short tutorial will take you through the steps.

Note: You need to get the EPP code (transfer verification code) from the losing registrar.

First you need to login into WHMCS (the client management software for cPanel) and search for the user’s account who will be transferring in a domain. Once you find there account you need to go to the summary tab and add a new order:

Form here you would then fill out the new order for transferring a domain as so:

Once you have added to domain and the EPP code you can submit the order. After that you will see the following screen. Be sure to select resellerclubcrm if it is not selected automatically and the accept the order.

This will add the domain and initiate the transfer process, which is managed through our domain registrar LogicBoxes. That should cover it.

Now, if the domain has already been added to the user’s account, then you would simply go to the Domains tab in their account in WHMCS and click on the Transfer button then add the EPP code there as illustrated in the screenshots below:

Then in the transfer domain area add your EPP code in the proper field: