Translating server system requirements to Reclaim Cloud

I am attempting to install a php application meant for installation on a generic LAMP stack, which has stated minimum requirements of 1 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM.

The storage is easy to ensure. But I am unsure of how to set the node scaling levels. So my question is, how should I go about ‘translating’ a 1 GB RAM system requirement into the Vertical Scaling per Node settings for either Apache application or MySQL database layers? Should the Reserved level match the stated RAM minimum? Or is it more like, this 1 GB requirement is somehow met by a combination of settings over the two layers?

That’s a great question and gets more into billing than anything else. An application can scale up to the maximum number of cloudlets that you give it, whether they be Reserved or Dynamic. The difference between the two is going to be that reserved cloudlets will have a discounted price when we launch the service commercially versus dynamic cloudlets and you pay for all of the reserved cloudlets and only what you use of the dynamic cloudlets. So in that sense best practice would be to set the minimum to 1 Reserved and Dynamic to at least the recommended amount to avoid any errors, but then after some time running the app you’ll be able to view statistics on actual resource usage and you can adjust your reserved cloudlet number up to where the app typically runs at which will allow you to get a bit of a discount since the cloudlets would be running normally anyway.

Here is a great video that talks a bit more about this scaling/pricing model:

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