Uh oh . .. RSS feeds in Wordpress not working for Reclaim feeds

Comrades . . . I’m trying to aggregate my students’ blogs to my course motherblog via RSS, something I’ve done pretty easily in past semesters/classes. All of the student sites are hosted on Reclaim (cf. blogroll here). However, each time I add the feed url, I keep getting this error no matter what RSS feed plugin I use: “cURL error 28: connect() timed out!” The motherblog is hosted on Bluehost. Help!

PS I’ve tested a handful of the student blog RSS feed urls on W3C feed validation service and they all test out as valid rss feeds - - even though there are some recommendations, such as: This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.
line 11, column 8: title should not be blank [help]

line 23, column 8: title should not be blank [help]

line 41, column 0: content:encoded should not contain srcset attribute [help]

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This should work now. We use a distributed firewall with a global greylist that snags IPs that are shown to have malicious traffic in the network and unfortunately Bluehost often has customers that get their IPs blacklisted. I just looked up the IP for the server you’re on there and got it whitelisted in the system so all should be working now.

Now if you ever wanted to make your way over to Reclaim…the water is very nice on this side of the pond. :wink:

Tim . . thanks a million! Feeds working super smooth. I could use some better weather . . .