Upgrades to Marketplace deployments

Hi all. I’m sorry if I’m overlooking existing documentation on this question, but: it’s occurred to me that I’m going to need to upgrade the Mattermost version I’m running before terribly long. I originally installed via the Marketplace; are there instructions available for upgrading such deployments? Or is this going to be a manual matter? Thanks!

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For now it is indeed a manual process so you’ll want to follow any guidance directly from the app documentation. The software we use, Jelastic, is exploring options for automating the update process for applications so it’s on their roadmap.

Thanks for the response! I’ll keep an eye out.

Hi! I stumbled across this this morning and am wondering if this is the upgrade path I was looking for? Container Redeploy | Virtuozzo Dev Docs

Redeploy is useful in the context of upgrading a version of PHP, Node.js, or one of the other official programming containers, but unfortunately does not apply to Marketplace applications. In this case a redeploy would only update the version of Docker running on the container rather than the application.

Rats. Okay, I’ll keep hoping. :slight_smile:

Just FYI, I figured out how to do this today, and it was CRAZY easy.

Within the mattermost-docker folder, the process is:

docker-compose down

Once docker stops:

git pull
docker-compose build

Then, once the build is complete:

docker-compose up -d

And voilà. I tested on a cloned instance first, just to be safe.