Uploading plain HTML files when Omeka is installed

Hi Reclaim! My students have purchased Reclaim hosting for their group projects. Some of them, as an experiment, installed Omeka, which is fine. The only problem is, one of our assignments requires them to upload a plain HTML documents + CSS stylesheet + an image, all contained in one folder, and link to the HTML document. (You can see the assignment here, for Oct. 31.) For reasons I don’t understand, the Omeka install seems to interfere with the URLs for the plain HTML pages. You can see an example here: http://howtheotherhalflived.com/AG/index.html. That URL should link to the student’s plain HTML page, within a folder called “AG,” but instead we get a 404.

Any ideas on how to address this? Thanks!

I’ve seen that exact scenario with Omeka rewriting subfolder URLS. Two possible fixes:

Add a file .htaccess with the following contents to the subfolder
RewriteEngine On

That will tell Omeka to ignore that folder.

This is probably easier, create a new subdomain. In cPanel now subdomains are added to a folder above public_html so they don’t conflict with the Omeka install itself. So then they’d add the files to the subdomain’s folder and be set.

Hi Miriam,

Looks like in this case the student was just putting the index.html file (which they named AGindex.html) into the root directory. I moved it (along with the style sheet) to the directory ag/ and it seems to work:


Let me know if this helps.


Just a quick thanks to you both! I really appreciate the quick response.

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