User failed to install WP

One of my user could not install WP. The error message is:
“!PHP for the selected domain has failed.
Installatron is unable to install to a domain where PHP is not working.
Your hosting provider can help you solve this error.
Error code:1; HTTP code:500”

The user also mentioned that the .htaccess got overwritten with a file dated Jan 30 2020.

I compared my .htaccess (out of the box) and his overwritten .htaccess are very different. I am not sure why and if this maybe the problem.

Does that mean the user cannot modify the .htaccess (since it kept overwritten by something)?

Why the .htaccess is very old and not the same what it shoud be on my out of the box wp installation?

What trigger this error?

The domain is



I haven’t found on the server to look. Can you please open a support ticket to check this out and provide further details as needed.


Hi Paul - sorry about that it is I just log a support ticket with a screenshot.

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