Using Known on Reclaim Hosting

Started a Thread for Known users, it is the best self-hosted CMS available on Reclaim Hosting that also supports IndieWeb building blocks.

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Here is a link to a video that will walk you through the install process:

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Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been using an older version of Known from the Installatron (v0.92). I’ll try to upgrade using your video. Did you run into any issues with PHP? I thought Known required PHP 7.1+ and several other extensions.

Thanks again for sharing!

UPDATE: It didn’t work. I followed your instructions and the version of Known is still 0.92. Your video doesn’t show the Known version after you finished. Are you sure it wasn’t still on 0.92?

The video is a little confusing. I was able to get things to work by installing the base version with cPanel and then installing Composer in the terminal, as in the video.

Then I used the command:

composer create-project idno/known -s dev

to get the latest version files (I had to use the -s dev option because otherwise composer died with the complaint it couldn’t find a stable version), which were placed into a new known subdirectory.

Then I changed into the known directory and updated using:

composer update

Finally, I copied the new files up over the old ones:

cp -R * ../

Probably would be best to create the project, etc. in a temp directory of some kind but I was just interested in testing.

Thank you for the feedback.

I need to update the video to just reflect the composer install.