Video file isn't loading


I’ve got an issue that seems strange to me, and I wonder if anyone can help me figure out how to troubleshoot. The short version is that I can’t get an MP4 video to load at all. It’s not serving slowly, or even timing out, it just says “pending” forever in my network recorder in Chrome.

The file in question is a 1.3MB mp4, so I don’t think it should that big of a deal. Here’s the URL:

The slightly longer explanation is that I’m setting up Grav on my main domain, and since Grav loads things directly from files and folders on the server, it could be that some settings in Grav have gotten in the way.

Any ideas?

Huh. I don’t know that I got to the bottom of the issue, but I think that what I was experiencing was indeed related to Grav routing the request instead of the file system handling it directly.

Without getting into the weeds of it, the Grav basically has a public-facing URL that’s different from the file system’s directory structure. So the URL I was initially trying to load should work (and it did eventually after about 10 minutes), but the file system path is actually


Loading it at that URL ( ) works petty much immediately.

I guess I’m OK!

FWIW, load time for first link and second link, for me just now was identical and pretty much immediate.

You may be beyond this, so apologies in advance, but I’ve found some of the things Grav considers plugins to be a surprise, and especially callers, caching, etc. It may be that finding a Grav plugin will improve things?

Thanks. I think I resolved this specific issue, but that’s good to know.

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