Web browser on a Docker container?

I have an 8gb file on a docker container I’d like to submit via a Google Form. I can’t seem to download it to my PC since it’s too large. I figured I would have to install a web browser on the container as well and run that (?) Has anyone done this and would you have advice to share please? Thanks, Jeff (This is work related to sucho.org)

I would recommend getting the file out using SFTP in Reclaim Cloud. You will need to generate a public/private keypair on your computer and then add your public key to your Reclaim Cloud account. Then you can use the settings icon, then click “SFTP / Direct SSH Access” for instructions on how to connect to your container.

Alternatively, you could use this docker container, and map the volume of the container that contiains your 8gb file to this one. This container gives a really nice web file manager.

Thanks for this! I was able to SFTP it to the destination (much cleaner way to do it)

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No problem! Glad you got it working

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