Week 1: Ontario Extend Domain Camp is Now Open

The camp doors are open for Domain Camp a few weeks of activities for both people new to having a Domain of their Own and ones who have had one a while but maybe have not found their way around cpanel and installing new apps.

Here is Week’s 1 activities and schedule:


Please use this community space to ask/answer questions. We do have an open office time set for Wednesdays.


Apologies for mixup in the live stream URL, I did not seem to gave things set up right on the setup, and had to switch links. The recording is on the link above as well as

You might see hints of socks in there.

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Perhaps in week 1 or 2 there might be room or need for an appendix on passwords and password management. I know from experience it is an issue that tends to confound folks new to spaces like this when you setup an account in our billing area, then you’re given a “cPanel/FTP” user/pass combo in a welcome email, then you setup WordPress and you’re prompted to create a user and password, etc. I’d be happy to write something up to contribute.

Thanks, that would be great, heck I get confused myself sometimes.

Good morning Domain Campers!

Today at 3pm EST The camp headquarters office is open for drop in questions. Enter via zoom Launch Meeting - Zoom

The camp office has closed for the day, thanks @IrenequStewart for dropping in as well as a DS106 early pioneer Norm who is hoping to revive his blog.

We walked about subdomains vs directories (that’s covered next week), moving Wordpress.com sites to Reclaim, logins and security, calling card themes for Wordpress, using of own photographs instead of looking for others. and more.

Here are some notes from the chat as there were a lot of URLs tossed around

13:13:24 From nsn : Whats the difference between me.nsn.com and nsn.com/me ?
13:14:40 From nsn : nostorynorm
13:15:44 From nsn : h
13:18:23 From Alan Levine : lab.cogdogblog.com
13:21:27 From ISTEWART : procaffination.ca
13:23:14 From nsn : cool. I like the idea of using your own pics.
13:23:58 From Alan Levine : http://cog.dog/
13:24:01 From ISTEWART : thanks norm
13:24:26 From Alan Levine : about.me
13:25:18 From nsn : Can I add a landing page if I’ve already got Wordpress installed and set up with my main url going stright to the blog?
13:26:37 From nsn : Formerly of DS106 circs 2012 and TDC fan. Saw your tweet about domain camp. Been thinking about reviving my blog and thought I visit camp to get some pointers.
13:27:01 From Alan Levine : marianafun.es/me
13:27:37 From Alan Levine : https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/guide/calling-card/
13:30:59 From Alan Levine : http://html5up.net
13:36:49 From nsn : I still follw DailyCreate, Just don’t get time to do it much.
13:36:53 From Alan Levine : http://picturethis.extendlabs.ca/
13:37:18 From nsn : Still posting on Flickr 365 group.
13:38:52 From nsn : I thought it was part of DS106 when I started.
13:39:10 From Alan Levine : Flickr: The 2022/365 Photos Pool
13:41:58 From nsn : That’s how I was with the Daily Create for a while.
13:43:27 From nsn : Are these chats saved for replay?

First week of camp gone by. There is new stuff ready for next week, including:

  • Creating subdomains
  • Using web redirects on subdomains
  • installing Wordpress into subdomain (or elsewhere)
  • password protecting sites/directories

Announcement coming Tuesday along with a live streamed demo at 1pm EST (and maybe this week I wont flub the Hangout on Air Setup).

Wake up early at Domain Camp!

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Thanks for making the recorded video available! Very helpful for playing catch-up.

Hi – I arrived late to camp. School got out late this year :slight_smile:

The directions have been great. I’ve created the simple landing page and now I’m currently working on the /Me page. For some reason, the images I’ve uploaded aren’t appearing on the site. The background is just simply black. Any idea what that might be the case & some strategies to address it?

You are using one of the Site Publisher templates? A quick hunch is the uploaded image is not in the place the theme expects it, or the file name is not what is expects. If you share a link I can peek at the source and give more definite advice.

It always always helps to have an example one can look at.

I was trying out the “Adding a Self Contained Site with File Manager” activity.

I built the “front door” with the Site Publisher template and then created www.EduQuinn.com/Me. This is what the image of the Images directory looks like:


I’ve swapped out one of the photos (bg01.jpg) and now none of the images are coming through on the slideshow.

Thanks for your reply. I’m enjoying the entry into the DoOO space.

Hey Dave,

I went and had a look and it appears when you added stuff to the index.html page you may have removed this bit from the bottom (comes after the closing footer tag but before the closing body tag:

<!-- Scripts -->
<!--[if lte IE 8]><script src="assets/js/ie/respond.min.js"></script><![endif]-->
<script src="assets/js/main.js"></script>

I just added it back in and the slideshow background is showing now (you may need to clear your browser cache)

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Thank you! Perfect.

I’m not sure how I erased that bit of script language. I was using the visual HTML editor and didn’t go into the code. I’m curious so I can avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Thanks again!

Thanks for jumping in, Tim. How many other web hosting companies would do that?

And for Dave, good to see you in the mix, again, this is not the ideal way one would work with sites, its my sneaky way of introducing you to the File Manager.