Week 2 of Domain Camp: Digging into Subdomains

We’re seeing some activity around Domain Camp and nice to see a few folks outside of the Ontario Extend project join in (camp is open to all with a web hosting package who want to learn more about using it).

This week we are learning about subdomains, creating them, using them for web re-directions, installing Wordpress blogs into them, plus how to add password protection to portions of your domain.

Look for all the details here


We will have a live video message and demos again from camp at 1pm EST on Tuesday, plus camp office hours 3pm EST Wednesday. Please use this community for more Q&A.

All of the activities we are setting up are available in the Ontario Extend Activity Bank (one of those DS106 Assignment Bank knockoffs).

For those in the community with some cpanel and domain chops to share, we welcome you to add more activities to the collection, we have a place to submit them ttps://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/add

Thank you for continuing to develop Domain Camp. I got a little confused with the password protection but got it sorted and your walk thru gave me the ideas I needed to provide evidence of my success to submit under the activities. Can’t wait for more!


A few people are asking about transferring blogs hosted on Wordpress.com to their domain; we will review this on week 3.

If you have a blog on the free hosted wordpress, like blah.wordpress.com it’s a process of exporting your content (it i saved as data file on your computer), creating a new empty wordpress site somewhere in your domain, and using the Tools/Import to bring it into a new site. You may likely have to re-assign menus, install the theme you used, and maybe re-do a few settings. See the instructions here


After doing this, you can just put one more post on that blah.wordpress.com site with a link saying that the blog has moved.

If however, you have paid for a domain hosted on wordpress.com, you will also have to initiate a domain transfer process, see

You will be adding a new add on domain to your Reclaim Hosting account (which will incur a few dollars in fees per year), and work with them on doing the transfer of domain owner ship. You can also request their migration services https://reclaimhosting.com/migrations/

I’d suggest reaching out to them by either entering a ticket from your portal.reclaimhosting.com dashboard and sending an email to support@reclaimhosting.com

I am having a difficult time with the theme I chose for my website … and other ones too. Can you suggest a good course theme to use? I basically want to have course content on pages (Evaluations, Discussion Activities, and Live Sessions) as well as allow people to reply to the activities using their own blogs …


I need one that will show bullet points without me editing the CSS. That is scary.

Currently working with this theme: EduCentre - Free WordPress Education Theme / Best Free WordPress Theme

I can’t say for sure which themes are necessarily suite for a course site, I’d say almost can be used. Course pages are just basic content, it’s a matter of deciding if you want full screen pages or ones with sidebars.

One of the things to consider is that you can bypass the typical theme approach of having posts on front by creating a static page to be the home screen, and using the options in settings to make that the opening screen. That can go a long way.

I use the same theme Cover Cover – WordPress theme | WordPress.org on my personal blog http://cogdogblog.com as well as for Ontario Extend https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca and a course I taught last year http://netnarr.arganee.world

I’m partial to the elegant and simpler themes of Anders Noren (especially Radcliffe, Garfunkle, Baskerville) http://www.andersnoren.se/teman/

I use Baskerville for a course site http://resnetsem.arganee.world and Hamilton for a series of workshops CogDogRoo – Down Under 2017

The CSS is nothing to be scared of, we can help with that.

Funny story. I browsed the Anders Noren themes without reading on, picked the one I liked and it just happened to be Baskerville. I will play with that for a bit. Thanks!

Also, I had good experience with Virtue Theme

used for this course-like site (with syndication hub) https://youshow.trubox.ca/

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Coincidently I am in the process of building an assignment where students construct portfolios :slight_smile:

The You Show just got linked as an example at http://transcultural.nursekillam.com/evaluation/choice/portfolio/

Still under construction

I have done the portfolio assignment before but am looking to make it more useful so I am re-doing the rubric and instructions. Speaking of which. In the last one, I linked to eCampus and the link is now dead ( Redirect ) … will domain camp stay open?

Not sure where that link came from; I don’t manage that site. I will ask about it.

All the content at https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/ will remain alive.