Week 3 of Domain Camp- Jump in Anytime

We just spotted an update tacked to the Activities Board for the Ontario Extend Domain camp, and open series of activities and a few sessions for people who are trying to get a better handle on all those crazy cpanel cones in their domain.


This week we notch it up a bit, and have you try installing a Wordpress based calling card theme to replace the simple, and not easily editable ones we made in week 1 with the cpanel Site Publisher.

And while we are doing Wordpress, you can jump in and try to set up a SPLOT on your site. What the BLEEP is a SPLOT? Use one to explain!

Also in Week 3 we show how to set up domain email accounts and forwarders as well as waging into the mystery pools of issuing SSL certificates and running secure sites.

This week again we run a love video demo Tuesday at 1pm EST (this will be the archive later)

and offer drop in office hours Wednesday at 3pm EST or Thursday at 12:30pm EST

See you around camp!

Help I screwed up. I put in the photo splot and made the adjustments, but then I played with the menu and wanted to have the pages. I didn’t understand that the Welcome Desk was a special page and couldn’t figure out why it kept going back to the collect page. I changed it. I changed the title and the name of the link. Now my collect form goes to a 404 page. I tried setting so you do need a code word and so you didn’t need a code word but it won’t go to the collector form. I tried changing the url name back to desk but it changes it to desk-2. Have I completely screwed this up and will need to start over??

No need to start over. A bit of explanation here.

The Welcome Desk is a special page used only if you require people to enter an access code. Visitors are sent there if this option is sent and they try to go to the Collect page. There is no other purpose or reason to have the Welcome Desk available.

These pages (for now) are tied to being at special URLs… http://photos.domain.me/collect and http://photos.domain.me/desk

You can change the title and the content below, but (for now) you must make sure the url is desk.

Try this. Inside the dashboard go to Pages, and then see if from the listing at the top there is a link for Trash this will show the original page if you deleted it.

If you see the original Welcome Desk page there, hover over the title, and click Restore. My hunch is yours is there, because if you try to create a new page, it will not let you create one with the same URL (even if it is in the trash).

This is something I need to look at making more clear or flexible in the SPLOTs so it is easier to select the pages to be used for these purposes rather than rely on the URL name. Your situation here is good prompt for me to improve it.

I hope this works as I have a cat photo to upload :wink: