Week 4 of Domain Camp: Trying Out Other Apps

Hellooooooooo Domain Campers! What have you been up to? We provided some time last week for catchup. Week 4 is back and ready to go.

If you have been holed up all summer off the grid at a silent retreat, Domain Camp is part of the Ontario Extend project to create place to learn about many things you can do in a Domain of One’s Own. These are mostly self paced activities you might do anytime, but why not jump in now? To get started, see https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/camp/

Once you have the skills for choosing where to put sites, in subdomains or subdirectories, how to make then SSL enabled, and see how those all come into play when installing Wordpress, well the apps for your domain are your oyster.

There are way too many for us to cover, so this week we provide activities for trying two of them, a URL shortener and a Dropbox like cloud file sharing platform-- all of which live on your domain.


The idea is then for you (yes I am talking to you, stop hiding in the back of the hall) to try one or more ones beyond that, and share what you learned in a new Activity in the Extend Bank. When you are ready to share, we have a form for you at https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/add

Yes, Tom Sawyer is at work getting this fence painted. Eventually the collection can grow to a very large size from here https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/cats/week-4/

We resume our regular schedule this week:

Get your apps on! If you have experience with any of the non-Wordpress apps, please consider writing an activity.

This is how new activities happen! @lkoster wrote up a new Extend Activity showing how to install and set up Fresh RSS aggregator.


Go RSS, go!

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That is awesome, I am going to add that to my site as well!

After sharing with @IrenequStewart in office hours that I was familiar with maybe 8% of the apps, we talked about a few that would be good candidates for someone to try and share writing up as an activity:

  • LimeSurvey
  • Wallabag (web site curating)
  • DocuWiki
  • Koken (photo gallery)

The big challenge we discussed was how to choose from so many apps? I suggested looking at the information page for showcase examples, going to the web site for the up (left side under support), googling it to see what people said, asking here and/or twitter elsewhere. It’s hard to suss out without taking a bit of a dive into it.

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Thanks @IrenequStewart for writing up an activity in week 4 for how to install and setup LimeSurvey


Hey I’m in the wrong thread but am traveling and forgot my password.

Camp goes on this week with the start of a WordPress Retreat - see activities at https://extend-domains.ecampusontario.ca/camp/week-5/

No live events this week as I will be deep in the camp woods looking for new plugins, but am back next week