What software have you been playing with lately?

Any GitHub repos you’ve been peeking at? Installed anything new recently or started eyeing any cool projects? Let’s share them here.

So this forum is a testament to it, but I’ve been playing around very heavily with Docker in the last few weeks. Virtualized containers with a lot of power and an API. Plus a ton of projects building on top of it, has a really rich community of development right now. For example I’ve played with Shipyard to manage Docker containers. Been thinking of a lot of ways I could utilize something like this to remotely create container instances for people on Reclaim Hosting.

not so much software but cloudflare turning out to be a lovely service to support my hosting. Apart from trying to keep the nasty folk away and saving some bandwidth their free Universal SSL means I can start securing parts of my domain with https (perhaps a route for putting discourse installs under https??).

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I’ve been handling POSSE with WordPress plugins rather than installing Known. I have just one wrinkle. When I push to brid.gy/publish, “Posted on DATE by USER” gets prepended to the post content. I can’t fix it at this point because I don’t know what plugin or theme element is prepending the string in h-entry: value.

I totally missed this announcement! Very cool. I have mixed feelings about Cloudflare because it works really well but you have to hand your nameservers over to them which means creating subdomains and editing DNS comes out of cPanel directly. If I recall they have an integration in cPanel that will do it via CNAME records with the tradeoff being that you have to use www. on your domain. We actually still have the agreement with Cloudflare that they provide hosting companies that allows us to put Cloudflare in cPanel as well as giving us access to Railgun for free. Might be time for me to dig back into that service and see if it’s something that would be useful to make available on our servers.

yeah like most things in life they give but also take as well

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