WHM Account Listing Options

As I tried to go through old accounts, I would export the CSV and then take notes in Google Sheets. I didn’t like that it separated it from the place where I was going to take action. I also tended to re-download the data a few months later and just lost track of the old notes. This led to me wasting time.

What I was hoping to do was at least add a single field so I could categorize certain accounts (enterprise, faculty, student, etc). As best I can tell, there is no easy way to add a column to the WHM account list. I considered creating packages but that felt like it’d get messy pretty fast and with obvious hassles.

One idea that I was curious about was creating a couple different resellers as a way to categorize sites. I don’t care that they don’t actually re-sell anything (although maybe there are some advantages in doing that). I just planned on manually assigning accounts. Any issues with doing that I need to be aware of?

I did opt to use css to hide two columns (partition and theme). That helps me see things I care about a bit better. Might be useful for someone else who dislike horizontal scrolling and doesn’t care about the theme being used in cPanel and/or only has one partition.

/*hides partition column*/
#listaccts th:nth-of-type(8), #listaccts td:nth-of-type(8){
 display: none;
/*hides theme column*/
#listaccts th:nth-of-type(12), #listaccts td:nth-of-type(12){
 display: none;

Personally, I would actually use packages for this type of thing if I wanted it in WHM as I think there would be advantages down the line for making adjustments to how accounts are provisioned etc.

I’m not sure if changing accounts to be owned by a reseller would have an impact on students and faculty ability to get to their cPanels, but I can look into that.

@bionicteaching Checking in with our infrastructure folks, it looks like this wouldn’t cause any issues right now, but in the long term we are looking to use reseller account functionality for embedding cPanels and accessing WHM. Basically, it’s probably not advisable as we are hoping to make some security-related changes to how WHM is accessed by admins in the long-term.

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Gotcha. Thanks. This is the kind of key info I was hoping for.

I’ll look at doing it via packages, which I think will make good sense and will encourage me to get our DoOO house in order in other ways.