Why can't I quit you? Multisite User Self-Service Unenrolling

On a multisite how do other people allow site admins (not super users) and other users to “quit” blogs when they’re either the creator or they don’t have access to the user screen? Any decent self-service paths to this? Maybe I’m missing something obvious.

I know there’s Tools > Delete Site if the user is a site admin. Seems like WordPress.com has “Leave a Blog” functionality from the My Sites menu for non-admins My Blogs – WordPress.com Support. Wonder if there’s a plugin for that.

Yeah. I’m looking for non-nuclear options for the site admin and have the need for all the other people. It’s getting messy now and then I’m hand unenrolling people which really, really sucks.

I’ve looked far and wide but may be using the wrong words. I see occasional people with similar issues but I’ve yet to see a good solution.

Well for the site admin there has to be at least one, so if they created it and they’re the only one they can’t leave without a different one being assigned, right? That’s going to make it difficult to automate that in any way. For other users on a site I could see it being more straightforward via a plugin given WordPress.com it seems has that functionality, though I could be wrong.

In the admin case, I was thinking of just defining a user to give it to . . . the keeper of lost blogs or something like that.

I can work it out in my head, just figured someone had to have already solved this.

Like when importing a WP site via XML import tool, you decide who to assign author of a post. In this case, when leaving a site as admin you decide who to bestow the great privilege of admin on :slight_smile: