Wiki Apps Recommendations

I’m looking for a recommendation for which wiki application to use. I see several options and am happy to play around with them, but wondered if anyone has one they have used and like. Looks like options include: MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PmWiki, WikkaWiki.

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I’ve been happy with Dokuwiki. It is simple, but the plugins have been able to add any functionality I desired (such as selective edit permissions, enabling comments on pages, permitting Iframe inclusion, enabling Markdown).

I find it pretty easy to set up and configure. There are some varied templates.

I also like that it creates flat files and so can be archived / viewed as HTML for long term preservation.

I had used Tikiwiki (over featured) and MediaWiki (less easily configurable as of several years ago).

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I’ve been pretty happy with MediaWiki, which we use here: Cefima Wiki

We tried a couple of others (I can’t remember exactly which; it was a couple of years ago) but found MediaWiki suited our needs and (low) level of technical competence best.

DokuWiki has way less admin tax than mediawiki. I am using mediawiki now as my orgs very involved with wikipedia but if you need to install things like the visual editor or other plugins you do need some DevOp skills