Wikijs and github


So I’ve always been intrigued by Caleb McDaniel’s ‘open notebook history’. I’ve also futzed around with taking notes using a Zettlekasten method, using a version of nvalt which searches & creates notes as you type. These are in markdown. Sooooo… I wanted to tie wiki.js to a private github repo that would hold the notes from my zettlekasten. Notes made in the wiki would be sync to the github & my local machine, and vice versa. Students helping me out on the project could make notes direct in the wiki.

So I installed wiki js. Now I’m trying to plumb Github into it, as per the documentation:

  1. the documentation says to stash the key where Wiki js can get it, and suggests /etc/wiki/github.pem. Where might i find this etc folder? I can web ssh in, and I’m seeing a couple of different /etc/ here and there, but no matter where I stash my key, wiki js isn’t finding it.

  2. the fact that i’ve made the github repo private: is this an issue too? I suppose I could just make it public and see what happens.

Alright, isn’t that always the way? You post something, and then mirabile dictu, things start working. Anyway, for reference: using basic authentication (not ssh, as per docs), using keys as per docs, but not at ‘A. Path’ but rather ‘B. Contents’ (pasted in), username & password for github. And lo, it is pushing stuff to git, but not pulling it yet. I’ve got it set to bi-directional, so it should work? My notes that I want to pull in don’t have the same metadata as the notes that the wiki creates, so maybe there’s something in that.

bloody hell, I’m an idiot. So it’s not enough to sync things. You have to force the import too. Upside: metadata wasn’t an issue. Anyway, all is well!

…update: well, only 10 of the files imported. Sigh.

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But wow, it worked, and I would love to get a better sense of what you are doing here cause it sounds quite cool…

I’d kill if wiki.js had a batch import for mediawiki. Would love trying to migrate over to wiki.js and on to reclaim cloud.

ah. the issue was spaces in filenames. Which were created by my zettlekasten.

Soooo… the general idea works, as long as

  • configure storage to use https sync rather than ssh with github
  • no spaces in filenames
  • having metadata laid out the way wiki.js likes it from the beginning would lead to a cleaner import, so maybe make that a template for my md files in zettlekasten

This was the initial inspiration - and for a while I had a pretty good setup that was kinda what I wanted using jekyll - but that workflow was ultimately too cumbersome and like most things I start it just kinda… died away.

Anyway, this is all my trying to build a kind of evernote/devonthink system where I can also just drag the relevant notes into Scrivener and build articles/books around them, and be open with my research.